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I'm Mark - I design, research, direct, develop (and play) games.

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I am a UK-based game designer with over ten years' experience in making games on various platforms and in many different formats.

I have had the opportunity to work with award-winning studios and organisations such as Aardman Animations (Shaun the Sheep), Netflix (Squid Game), Sony (Ghostbusters), and Gamification Nation (Winner of GamiCon Excellence Award 2018, Finalist in TIGA Games Awards 2019) - as well as many internal projects, such as investor tech demos, interactive health & safety briefings and more.


I always strive to push the limits of my knowledge and abilities, often leaving my comfort zone to do so, as I am driven to always improve and adapt to the requirements of any given project, team or consumer.

I have a passion for delivering meaningful, gratifying experiences through gameplay systems and content. I have experience in leading teams and directing game development. My research in behavioural psychology provides me with a foundation from which I can seek to understand the needs of players and deliver genuinely fulfilling experiences through my designs.



  • Full game design documentation, tailored to a team's needs

  • Content and system design, at all stages of development

  • Level design and difficulty curve management

  • Working closely with teams across multiple disciplines

  • Directing art and working with artists to realise assets

  • Taking product ownership, from conception to production

  • Working in-engine and streamlining systems with developers

  • Balancing requirements of different player demographics

  • User testing procedures, execution and data analysis

  • Creating narratives and tying them to gameplay mechanics

  • Directing audio, writing scripts and working with voice actors

  • Planning work effectively, to meet deadlines and launch events

  • Working with marketing and event-management teams 

  • Utilising and adapting industry workflow models

  • Agile, remote, office and flexible work

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